Meet CityHeart’s Resolution Specialist

Meet CityHeart’s Resolution Specialist – Anthony & friend


Denise was referred to CityHeart by volunteers at the Dayton Episcopal Food and Clothing Pantries. She lived in the neighborhood and had also visited St. Andrew’s for worship services. Denise came to Dayton to live in a home with her son and daughter-in-law but unfortunately the living situation was not working out. Denise is a senior citizen living on a fixed income and she wanted to search for other housing but was uncertain that she could afford to live alone. A major hurdle to the search process was Denise’s two cats. She is an animal lover and was concerned that she couldn’t have them in an apartment. She was adamant that she keep her cats.

Anthony was new to his position as Resolution Specialist at CityHeart. A position that was created to designate a volunteer who could take extra time in building trusted relationships with our clients presenting difficult circumstances and requiring follow up care. He was determined to find the best resolution for Denise.

Anthony met with Denise and began regular contact with her in the search for appropriate permanent housing. Our best referral was a nearby subsidized location for seniors that allowed the tenants to have one pet. Initially Denise found this option less than desirable, but reluctantly put her name on the waiting list. She didn’t know how she could choose between her two cats. Anthony persisted in his efforts and made contact with a local animal shelter that would take one of her cats, assuring her that it was a no-kill facility. This was a realistic solution that would meet her budget for housing. It was a stressful time for Denise and she struggled to make a decision when her name came to the top of the list for the next available apartment. With the care and compassion shown by Anthony, Denise was convinced that this apartment was the best choice for her to be independent. In the end, unable to choose, she made the decision to give up both cats, confident they would be placed into loving homes.

After moving to her new place, Denise became a neighbor to CityHeart and was very happy in her new home and surroundings. She was grateful for the attention and support she received from our ministry.

Kris Sexton    June 2018