CityHeart Response During COVID-19

CityHeart Response During COVID-19 – We Are OPEN to HELP!

CityHeart is a critical link in the local network for emergency assistance on rent and utility situations for low income individuals and working families, accounting for 70% of our services in 2019.
While we are unfortunately closed to walk-in clients during the COVID-19 Crisis and State of Ohio Stay at Home order, CityHeart immediately set up to receive all of our requests for emergency assistance by phone and email. Staff members are working daily, Monday through Friday, to respond to our neighbors in need and assist in making rent and utility payments on their behalf. Here is a sample of the stories we are encountering and posting on our Facebook page. 

Today’s Good News! COVID-19 Response – March 21

This very sad story of a single woman undergoing chemotherapy, whose surgery was delayed due to COVID-19 outbreak, who can’t work and currently has no income. She is waiting on Social Security Disability to be processed and can’t afford to pay all of her rent. She is getting as much help from her family as they can afford.  This client is hoping to work with the local Community Action Agency but they are now closed for in-person appointments. CityHeart was available to address her situation over the phone, talking with her and contacting her landlord in New Jersey to verify the situation. Combined with what she can pay and what CityHeart has just paid on her behalf, it will be enough to keep the out-of-state landlord satisfied for now! We pray that her application for rental assistance will be processed soon, that her Social Security Disability gets approved, and hopefully some stimulus funds may come her way to assist when the rent becomes due again. God Bless!

Today’s Good News! COVID-19 Response – March 25

In this family of three, normally able to pay their bills, both adults have lost wages due to COVID-19. They were under a shut-off notice from Vectren for their heating bill which has now been temporarily suspended. The minimum amount due is about $150.00. They received a pledge from one of our St. Vincent DePaul partners, and they were able to pay a small portion. CityHeart agreed to pay the balance due at this time to stop the risk of disconnection when the suspension is lifted. As we move into Spring temperatures the heating usage should go down, and they hope to be receiving unemployment at that time, possibly some federal aid as well. But those funds are not coming fast enough and they were very worried. CityHeart was happy to resolve the issue before we get slammed with similar requests, and hope this family will be eligible for assistance to get through a season of uncertainty.

Today’s Good News! COVID-19 Friday, March 27

This homeless couple has been staying at a local Motel 6 because putting together enough money for a full month’s rent and deposit is just unmanageable for them. Both have lost wages, sent home due to the Coronavirus. They just used their last money to pay for their room for tonight. They will have some funds coming on Monday but they’ll need to get through the weekend. CityHeart generally does NOT pay for a motel, but we agreed to pay for Saturday and we negotiated with the manager who offered them a FREE night for Sunday. They will pay on Monday and both have job interviews coming up, we wished them good luck on that! Thanks to Motel 6 for partnering with us to help!   

To get help please call 937-223-2489 or email

We are currently applying for emergency funding through some grant opportunities and invite everyone who shares our mission to respond as you are able to help us help our neighbors.

Donations to CityHeart can be made via PayPal on our website

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