CityHeart Program Update – May 4, 2020

As CityHeart continues to work our way into this pandemic, and consider all the unanswered questions, I want our parish and all of our stakeholders to know that the staff continues to serve our clients Monday through Friday with the care and compassion that are the hallmarks of our ministry.
A Reentry Task Force was recently formed to help in determining when, why and how we will move back into the CityHeart offices to serve our clients for emergency assistance via phone and email. We anticipate that the demand for utility and rent help will increase soon as people begin to miss more than one month of regular payments. Please know that we take this matter very seriously and will act with the utmost precaution in making decisions. The task force is developing a short-term plan for continued operations, and the CityHeart Board of Directors is forming a Crisis Response Team to consider mid-term and long-term impact and plans.
CityHeart and our partners at St. Vincent DePaul remain the only two organizations in town that are still helping people with utilities at the present time. We have been working with them daily. Last week, we resolved six utility situations, and made pledges for others who are trying to pay their bills before the shut-off notices begin to arrive. Because we know that many of our homeless friends are still out on the streets, and being served by the outreach workers from PATH, I made the decision to donate some of our hospitality supplies and bus passes. I arranged a meeting with Angel at the church to deliver items. The following story and photo tells what happened that day, it was posted to our Facebook page on Friday. I hope it lets you know that CityHeart is still relevant and that God is good:)

Today’s Good News! Since we are very sorry to be closed for walk-in clients, CityHeart was pleased to donate some of our supplies and bus passes to our partners at Miami Valley Housing Opportunities – PATH. As we loaded sack lunches and toiletries in the car, one of our unsheltered homeless friends approached. What perfect timing! We fed him and listened to his story of a stolen wallet and missing benefits card. After about 90 minutes right there in the courtyard, a plan for help was made, and with a bus pass in hand he headed to the Gateway shelter. We continue to pray for all those on the streets and that his situation will be resolved! 
Thanks Angel Barger, you are truly angel 😇