CityHeart is back in action!

On June 15, CityHeart staff and volunteers returned to working on-site from our offices, beginning Phase 1 of our return to “normal” operations in this time of an unprecedented pandemic. We were successful in working remotely by phone and email through the months of March, April and May to provide emergency assistance for our clients, but this mode of operation became difficult to sustain. In May, a Reentry Task Force was created to consider short term plans for CityHeart, using a Phase 1/Phase 2 strategy. We held weekly zoom meetings to formulate the Phase 1 plan which applies only to staff and volunteers. 

We are currently following CDC guidelines and the Ohio Dept. of Health Restart Guide for Office Environments and have put proper safety measures in place to protect all staff and volunteers. There is a detailed sign-in procedure to screen for COVID-19 symptoms and exposure. Social distancing is accomplished by having only one individual per office to provide a safe personal space. Masks are mandatory in all common spaces. A process for the cleaning and disinfecting of workstations and commons areas has been established and supplies are readily available for this purpose. 

As anticipated, some of our friends are becoming aware that we are on-site and have begun to knock at the door and follow signage that directs them to call from the outside entry area. We are speaking with them over the phone, and have handed a few bus passes and sack lunches out the door. No client has entered the building, and we are thankful that the fair weather allows us to provide this contactless form of hospitality at this time. 

Once we have become accustomed to the new procedures, the Task Force will begin to develop our Phase 2 plan to determine how and when we can safely accommodate walk-in guests to our program. Concurrently, our Board of Directors has established the COVID-19 Strategic Plan Response Team to consider the mid to long term impact on our organization. 

Our goal is always to keep our mission of being responsive to the needs of our community in the forefront of our decisions. Please pray for all of the vulnerable people in our community, and for our staff and volunteers who continue to serve and provide for the needs of these neighbors. 

Please contact Kris Sexton at or 937-223-2489 if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Thank You.