CityHeart COVID-19 Response: GOOD NEWS! April 16, 2020

The City of Dayton and Montgomery County are being crushed by the economic hardships that the business community and our citizens are experiencing due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. We know that we are stronger together in difficult times, and CityHeart is committed to being part of the solution!

It has been somewhat difficult to operate under these circumstances. Some local organizations are not taking requests for assistance at this time, possibly due to requirements for in-person appointments. CityHeart was able to quickly shift to working from home, and we already had normal procedures in place for working with clients over the phone. We always verify status on rent and utility situations with the rental offices and utility companies, and no funds are ever distributed directly to a client. We continue to serve with compassion every day!


CityHeart assisted on rent payments for two ladies living at the YWCA who were directed to CH by their case managers. They were very relieved for the help! 

CityHeart assisted on rent payment for a client living in subsidized housing. We worked directly with the GDPM Legal Department, resulting in a great collaborative effort to get this tenant caught up and avoid future eviction!

CityHeart had five new clients yesterday, referred by our partners at St. Vincent DePaul. They never needed our help before. Together our two organizations were able to provide a level of assistance that will help to pay past due bills and prevent the risk of evictions and disconnections when the current bans are lifted!

Meeting urgent needs . . . enabling long term solutions.