Serving our neighbors in greater Dayton and throughout Montgomery County with compassionate response to urgent needs and referrals for long term solutions. We are accessible and welcoming to all who seek respite, comfort, and HOPE.

Our Mission

CityHeart Outreach, in the heart of Downtown Dayton, responds to the immediate and emergency needs of individuals and families throughout Montgomery County.


CityHeart also provides referrals to other community resources and agencies for long-term assistance.

Our History

CityHeart began as a ministry of hospitality offering a cup of hot coffee, a cold drink of water or respite from the elements to walk-in wanderers at the parish office of Christ Episcopal Church in downtown Dayton. In 2006 as the frequency of daily visitors increased and their simple needs became more complex, additional staff and resources were designated to the program we named CityHeart. In 2011 CityHeart outgrew the parish office and now rents its own space in the undercroft of the church. With an executive director and 20 volunteers, CityHeart continues to offer hospitality and hope 20 hours a week as an independent, non-denominational center of welcome and hospitality providing compassionate responses to urgent needs and enabling long term solutions.

Monday through Friday CityHeart volunteers tap into their extensive knowledge of local services to connect clients to the best resources for help. CityHeart often collaborates with representatives from other organizations; these include utility assistance programs, affordable housing options, healthcare providers, emergencies shelters and food pantries. CityHeart serves as the liaison for the local Benefit Bank site at Christ Episcopal Church that prepares tax returns for low-income residents and assists in accessing public benefits. Demands for services have grown exponentially since its beginnings in the parish office. In 2015 CityHeart was incorporated in the State of Ohio as a tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization serving hundreds of people each month with emergency response to temporary crisis situations. Its board of directors, representing organizations throughout the community, now guides the growth of CityHeart for even greater outreach to the needy and marginalized of Montgomery County.

CityHeart has always relied on the generosity of individual donors and grants from Christ Church and other churches, as well as organizations in the community. With its new status as a non-profit, CityHeart is able to invite even greater financial participation as it expands its outreach to meet the ever-growing needs of Dayton and Montgomery County.

CityHeart makes a difference!

Who We Help

“Some people have shame, but that’s why CityHeart is here…they have a great reputation for helping people and directing them to resources.”
a CityHeart client

Most of CityHeart’s clients live in extreme poverty. They are often single mothers with children. They are the homeless, unemployed, underemployed, or unemployable. They are the elderly, the mentally and physically disabled, ex-offenders, substance abusers. All are victims of economic instability in the region.

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20 W. First St., Dayton, OH 45402